What We Do

The world is experiencing globalization at a rapid pace. Companies seeking expansion, both domestically and abroad, will likely encounter challenges as they enter new markets where they are faced with unfamiliar legal systems and governmental policies that could potentially place their business and assets at risk. We specialize in identifying these potential business risks before they become a hindrance to you and your financial success. We also alleviate further risk through appropriate planning, structuring and collaboration among professionals.

A good majority of professional services firms and consultants use a narrow, isolated approach specifically focusing on the firms’ or consultants’ specialty area in advising a company or individual. This leads to wasted resources, time and energy as multiple vendors are not properly aligned and the client spends significant time managing vendors in an attempt to get everyone on the same page. Further, clients are charged hourly for these services, which leads to wasted financial resources and hesitation by the client when it comes to the contacting a needed professional for fear of increased bills.


Asgard Worldwide provides a different approach. We give our clients access to multiple professionals in legal, financial, consulting and other business-related specialties without the worry of how much per hour they will be charged. This allows the client to grow their business or assets faster, more efficiently, and most importantly, at a reduced execution risk. No longer will clients have to worry about the hourly rates associated with managing their day-to-day operations. We provide our services at a fixed fee based on value to better meet our clients’ needs.

We recognize that time is the number one commodity of any successful business, individual or family. Our solution harnesses the power and knowledge of all professionals required so that you spend less time managing these functions and more time focused on the important things in life.

Allow us to serve as your trusted advisor – as someone who has a vested interest in your outcomes and success rather than working with multiple professionals fulfilling just one need at a time. We will help you maximize your value with respect to professional fees to obtain the most efficient results.


Services are priced, for the most part, based on fixed fees derived from the coordination of value received, the solutions crafted to solve problems and the efficiency of executing of the solution. Clients have access to different specialties all coordinated and focused in obtaining the client’s goals and success that would not be available through typical professional relationships. As your trusted advisor, we will design a coordinated solution tailored to your individual and business needs and proactively monitor and manage your custom set of services through a streamlined management process.


We rely heavily on experts from a number of different fields to meet our clients’ needs including: financial advisors, tax professionals, insurance professionals, and mortgage professionals, attorneys in other specialty areas, accountants and bookkeepers. Relationships with these professional partners are a highly valued part of the firm’s approach and solution to the planning and protection of our clients’ assets.